Our members and their success stories make our training studio rock.

Our qualified Personal Trainer’s and CrossFit Coaches teach them how to move and exercise correctly, but they bring the personality, the community, the fun and the success stories. So we like to let them do the talking! 🙂

Meghan C.

The one and only Meghan! She has been with us for 2 years (pretty much day 1:), kicking it in the park and then at Paul St! She is a cardio machine, who smashes boxing hardly raising a sweat.

Why do you do Bootcamp?
I find Boot Camps more motivating (lack self motivation). Results and weight, loss body toning and exercise makes me feel better witin myself and has become somewhat addictive!

Blair W.

I like the group training sessions as they offer variety in routine and no two sessions are the same. Not ever being a ‘gym class person’ before, I was unsure of what to expect. I have been really pleasantly surprised at the mix of ages, fitness levels, genders and variety of different work outs. I like the positive attitude and atmosphere in the sessions, and it is not at all like the negative gym experiences I have had in the past.

Trent P.

Introducing the and only Trent AKA The Shredder. A baseball man he has been hitting home runs with us since September 2015. Big Trent has a mean right cross and a love/hate relationship with burpees and running! 🙂

Why do you do Bootcamp?
• Social interaction with a great bunch of people.
• The challenge of trying something new each class.
• Personal goals of Fitness, Strength and weight loss are key factors as well.


Mick M.

Thanks to Max Performance Fitness, I have developed a nice healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Physical exercise and getting fitter is the cornerstone of that lifestyle. I enjoy the comradery and being pushed further by Michael and the other group members. It’s also a lot of fun.


Helen M.

Setting and achieving goals is really motivational. Michael is focused on helping me to achieve what I am aiming for. He also helps me to set new goals. Seeing the ‘wins’ along the way certainly keeps me coming back for more. Weight loss and overall just feeling fitter and stronger is a great motivator.


Dani W.

When I first started my aerobic fitness was terrible, but with every week that has passed it has improved. I have gone from not exercising to now running 10km runs and back playing competitive netball. I keep coming back because I want to better my last run time. I have also made friendships with the people I work out with and love catching up and seeing their improvements too.