Got pull ups? Nope? Well here are 3 simple progressions you can use to help get your first pull up!

1. Negatives

Great starting point for developing strength in your back to be able to do a pull up, a negative is controlling the stretch phase of the muscle (eccentric phase!). So for a pull up it looks like this:
1. Use a bench OR box to start with your Chin over the bar – Can be either thumbs in or out for grip.
2. Lower yourself down until your arms are fully extended, as controlled as possible (5s)!
3. Repeat – 3-4 sets of 2-3 reps!

If you can’t do the lowering under control, start with a negative from a ring row OR inverted row instead.

2. Banded Pull ups

These aren’t my favourite exercises, however it can help get used to the movement by taking some of the resistance away. This can help get the person into a better pull up position, using their back to pull. Loop the band around the pull up bar, place 1 or 2 feet into the band and complete the pull up. Full range of motion – from arms extended to chin over the bar. Keep your body nice and tight and pull with your back!

Complete 3-4 sets of between 8-12 reps!

3. Banded Pull Downs

Unlike the banded pull ups, this will allow for extra resistance at the top of the pull up (concentric) position! Attach the band and handles from the pull up bar. Sit on the floor with a nice straight posture and pull the bands down! Aim to use your back not just your arms – retracting your shoulder blades. Hold at the bottom for 2-3s.

Complete 3-4 sets of between 10-15 reps!

I have attached a small video of each of the exercises for you to look at 🙂

To your pull up success!