Did you know that you don’t actually get fitter by working out? 🙂 The aspect of working out itself breaks the body down, but it’s the recovery afterwards that is the key to repairing tissue and causing adaption! Here are 5 tips to help your recovery:

1. Nutrition

Your nutrition is key to recovery. Adequate protein, carbohydrates are important to restoring your energy systems and allowing the body to repair the tissues you broke down during your workout. If you don’t eat enough, chances are you will struggle to recover or make progress with your strength and conditioning levels.

2. Sleeep!

Yep a solid 8-10 hours of quality sleep. Blacked out room, no devices, meditation or quality reading before bed are important to aiding recovery. Your body does it’s thing while you are resting, so if you struggle sleeping you will struggle to recover from a heavy session. Got kids? Well that’s a new level 🙂 And you may even need to manage your workload in the gym as a result. Back off the intensity or loading 🙂

3. Light Aerobic Work

I find this helpful, especially after a heavy session where my central nervous system takes a beating. It changes the tempo and can loosen up stiff joints and muscles and get some blood flow. Walking, cycling and other low impact exercise at a low intensity.

4. Take Days off!

Days off from the gym are just as important as the ones in them. Rest, especially if you are feeling a bit beat up by a particular session. For the average gym goer who is hitting single sessions, 2-3 days off a week is usually appropriate. If you are doing more work and volume considering them even more important!!! 🙂

5. Listen to your body

Too many people have the “Harden up” mentality. That’s wrong. If you are feeling run down, beat up then either back it off 50% or just rest 🙂 Your body will thank you for it. It also might be appropriate to get some regular manual therapy, e.g. massage or the like. Sometimes soft tissue work can help your feel better!

Remember how you recover is how you will progress!! 🙂 Stimulus (working out), Nutrition, Rest & Recovery!!!!