Ahh the festive season….food, booze, food, booze, rest and relaxation! Apparently this defines everything that the Christmas season entails 🙂

I personally disagree….and I don’t believe that this should be the way to do it! Why would he say that!!?!?? BLASPHEMY

Well look back at the last year and how many hours you have put into training and nutrition! If you worked out at least 3 times a week that’s 150 sessions (hours!)…..not to mention the countless hours of food prep, watching what you eat, only to flush it down the toilet in less than 1 month.

That to me seems like a total waste of YOUR time AND EFFORT! 🙂 IDEALLY you want to survive the festive season with:

1. Your composition results pretty much intact +/- a little bit!; and
2. Maintain an activity level to ensure you maintain your fitness to a reasonable level!

So I have put together a quick 3 STEP GUIDE to surviving the festive season….(I liked 3 because it is easy to remember when there is turkey in front of you!)

1. Moderation is the key

I never said you couldn’t have fun, or enjoy some of the things you have put on the shelf to achieve your results…however moderation is the key.

If you find yourself 10 mince pies deep OR 10 beers deeps you are probably past moderation…. Remember it is the majority of the nutrition or majority of the time that causes the changes in composition.

If you can, keep the alcohol and treats to the main days of celebration! Which leads me to step two…..


2. Eat Normally the rest of the time

If you are on a plan such as RP or something else, follow it the rest of the time you are on holidays. If it is the 27th of December and you’ve done Christmas, you don’t need to STUFF yourself with food and booze.

Just back it off and maybe even a little bit less than normal as you have probably consumed a lot of calories already! 🙂 and then…….

3. Stay Active & Train!

I can hear the “Thanks captain obvious” commentary already! But it is a simple case of IF you are GOING TO eat and drink more food, you need to train and train regularly! It will also help you stay in the habit and groove of working out regularly, so when you come back it won’t be like day 1.

It could be any of the following activities:
– Swimming at the beach / pool;
– Sports – Tennis, water skiing, kicking the footy, backyard cricket!;
– Cycling;
– Hotel Gyms!; and
– Bodyweight workouts

If you have kids this one is probably fairly easy, as you will be out and about anyway! 🙂 If not, remember there are a MILLION workouts you can do and combinations and none of them need any equipment at all. Not to mention I’ll be sending you some! 😛

And that’s really it! Simple and easy to follow. Remember enjoy yourself you have earned it, but it is easy to derail the momentum and results over the course of a couple of weeks!