“I don’t have time to prepare”, “Take away is easier”, “My main meals are good, but I eat poor snacks”

These are common themes that I hear regularly when it comes to clients nutritional habits. Going from eating pre-prepared take away food to planning and preparing all your meals and snacks can be overwhelming at first. However if you follow these easy tips for keeping it simple in the kitchen, you will go a long way to creating positive, sustainable habits.

1. Do a weekly plan

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” Write down a basic plan of what you are going to eat for each meal for the week. You might have one or two different plans that you can swap and change so you keep your food interesting! Make sure you plan is balanced. Whole foods, with a good balance of macros (protein, carbs and fats) and micros.

Meals don’t have to be complicated either. Keep your choices simple. With the advent of Google there are SO many good simple and healthy recipes out there.

2. Shop Simple

95% of the stuff in the supermarket is…well crap. Stick with the basics – Fruit and Veg, Meat, Dairy and Grains. This pretty much means avoiding all the aisles in the middle and going around the outside. If you wander down the lolly aisle, there’s a big chance you’ll be picking something from the shelves.

Alternatively go to a fruit and veg shop and or butcher to avoid the temptations. Nowadays you can even do your shopping over the internet! :O Amazing…..you can even setup a shopping basket the same each week, thereby avoiding the unhealthy food items! Genius.

3. Meal Prep

Oh oh!!!!!! I dropped it…Meal Prep! Yes, you need to prep your meals and snacks! Does it mean all of them in a O.C.D fashion? No of course not. But it will pay off when you are in a rush to work and don’t have time, or when you come home and your too tired to cook.

I have a slow cooker that has been great! I made food and frozen it for days where I know I will be busier. All of these things can help you avoid having to eat out!

Take packets or containers to work for snacks (nuts, fruit etc.). Put them in your drawer at work or van if you are tradie. This can help you when you get hungry during the morning or afternoon.

So remember keep it simple!

Plan, Shop and Prep!

Taking the time in each of these elements will ensure you have strategy for your nutrition. In the same way as you have an exercise program and a plan!