Here’s 5 Nutritional Habits you need to form to make your nutrition better:

1. Planning

Plan to fail, fail to plan! No plan? You might as well throw all your gains out the window and eat a whole bunch of random food! 5 or 10 mins a week to plan your main meals and organise rough snacks. That’s all it takes. If you don’t have that amount of time, perhaps you should look at your time management 🙂

2. Preparation

Without application, planning is just a pointless exercise. “Make a plan, Stick to the plan, always deliver” to quote the movie Storks (which I have seen at least 100 times already 😉 Prep your meals, choose easy to make meals, use easy tools, such as slow cookers, or even bought meals such as Hello Fresh or Lite and Easy! It doesn’t matter how you make it happen, just do it!

3. Eat more Veges & lean Protein!

And less processed crap…… And you know what they don’t have to be boring! Make them exciting, look up recipes and spice them up! Use plenty of colours…. You can do it!!! 🙂

4. Eat until you are full

Trust me, you don’t need more food! If you feel full, the second or third serve isn’t needed. Your stomach actually gets used to eating more food….so if you eat more you will want to eat more. If you feel satisfied then that’s probably good enough 🙂


….Every. Single. Day. This is the magic part…or boring part, however you want to frame it 🙂 Instead of doing this once, or for 2 weeks….do it for a whole year and see what happens. If you think 2 weeks is enough, you’re out of your mind! Not unless you decide to cut out whole food groups, or do something seriously drastic….