Mark Sandilands




Sales Manager

How long have you been with Max Performance Fitness?:

6 months

First memorable experience?:

Realising how un fit I was and how hard it was to breath after doing things I could have done easily in the past.

Why do you do Group Fitness:

It commits a time each day to exercise and works in with my work and family commitments. It is also great being around other people when you have to push hard, doing it your self it is easy to say no or I will do it later.

What was your biggest challenge starting out?:

Committing to the early mornings…oh and yes breathing

Favourite extra curricula activity?:

I love watching / playing / training for football and playing golf (when I can and not very well). I also love spending time with my kids and watching their sport.

Favourite Exercise?:

I really enjoy the boxing sessions.

Least Favourite Exercise?:

Burpees are never fun, also some of the lifting I don’t overly enjoy.