Gillian Harvey




Business Development Manager

How long have you been with Max Performance Fitness?:

14 months

First memorable experience?:

I remember my second session, I walked in and Michael said “Hi Gillian”…. I said “Hi Satan”…it just came out and now it’s stuck. But I think my most memorable experience was my first deadlift…it took us so long to get me ready with dodgy knee and hip, so many months of squats and bridges finally paid off.

Why do you do Personal Training?:

I do personal training with Michael because he makes it fun whilst he’s torturing me and I feel my fitness and strength improving each session.

What was your biggest challenge starting out?:

After years of unhealthy living my fitness really struggled.

Favourite extra curricula activity?:

Cooking and Gardening….and 80’s aerobic parties 🙂

Favourite Exercise?:


Least Favourite Exercise?:

Squats, air bike, push ups oh and that sled torture device.