Ariel Paterson




Victorian public servant

How long have you been with Max Performance Fitness?:

Since the early days of MPF. Maybe 2015…? Haha…

Where were you before you started?:

Before I started, I was playing a lot of tennis and doing some swim teaching while I was doing my bachelor’s degree. I didn’t consider myself to be the type of person who would ever go to a gym.

Where are you now?:

Doing Olympic Weightlifting classes! …haha I never saw that coming. I’m managing to fit in about 3 classes a week around my full-time job in the city.

What was your biggest challenge starting out?:

Motivation, time and money. If I was feeling a bit tired or didn’t have much reason for going, then I often wouldn’t. The trick is to not think too much about whether you have the energy to do a class or not. Just get dressed and get yourself there and the rest will take care of itself. You’ll feel good afterwards.
Through around 2015-17 I was a busy, cash-strapped uni student. I got a great deal on a 10 or 20-class pack in the beginning, which was a great introduction. I wasn’t getting much exercise through 2016 because I was spending all my time stressing over assignments in the Sir Louis Matheson library at Monash. Sure enough, my body got very weak and my back pain was a big issue. Going back to the gym turned out to be an excellent solution to my unbalanced, unhealthy lifestyle. Because I had done the trial before, I knew it would be the best thing for me. I could probably only do about 10 sit-ups at that time…haha. Squeezing in an hour a week or a fortnight is better than nothing! Plus, it’s a great way to recharge and be more productive when you get to uni/work. I’ve kept at it and now I’m doing hanging knee raises 😀

Favourite extra curricula activity?:


Favourite Exercise?:

Deadlifts 😀

Least Favourite Exercise?:

It’s a tie between pushups, renegade rows and manmakers.