2019 has started with a bang! We are already into February and that post New Years enthusiasm / motivation is probably beginning to wane! 😉

So instead of relying on motivation to keep you going it is time to build some concrete HABITS that will serve you…not only short term, but if you do them often enough LONG term as well.

3-5 Days of Training

Duuhhhh…coming from the PT who owns a gym it seems like an OBVIOUS habit. However this can be harder than you expect. Work, life, stress, poor gym environment, no accountability all lead to drop off rates in the gym. SO how do you make this habit stick?

1. If you are part of our gym: WODIFY Check ins for every day you are coming. No excuses, concrete lock ins. THEN step 2 is tell me! Tell your workout buddies that you are coming. And even if the world crashes down on you show up anyway. I’m going to quote Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits and say RESPONSIBILITY is the ability to choose your response to a certain situation. So take responsibility and CHOOSE to be in the gym regularly.

2. Not part of a good gym environment? Simple answer is FIND somewhere else. IF you aren’t held accountable for showing up, chances are you will opt out of a workout. We don’t run our classes like that for a reason, because a training HABIT is the first step.

Nutrition, Nutrition

I want to see A HABIT of doing nutrition well. Not just a 2 week adhoc attempt. It won’t cut it long term I can promise you. YOU are the only one who can control what you put in your mouth, so take control of how you do things.

1. Plan – Plan your nutrition on a weekly basis. Write down what you are going to do for dinner, lunch, breakfast and snacks! It’s not hard….just takes 5-10 mins of effort

2. Shop accordingly – Buy your food in advance! Don’t expect to be a guru of nutrition if you hit 6pm and have DONE NOTHING. SIMPLE food works, lean protein, healthy fats, good carbs and plenty of veges. Don’t make it hard.

3. DO IT MORE often – The majority of the time is what matters. Yes, that means 6-12 months of SOLID effort day in day out. If you haven’t quite got a handle on results coming from consistent effort then it’s time to take note!

Find a way to MEASURE and CHECK your Habits

Yep the last one is all about MEASURING what you do. I plan my week out knowing that I am going to hit 5 sessions. I then tick them off EVERY TIME I roll up in the gym in my weekly planner.

We plan our meals on the weekend and shop every Sunday. HABITS only become HABITS after you EMBED them so deeply into your daily routines that you don’t even notice. So make up a check sheet, get a diary and HOLD yourself accountable for each habit you want to create.

Long term change comes from long term commitment, but also the ability to sustain regular healthy habits. Create those habits in your life and your results will be epic. To your success!