Kate Foster




Sales Administrator

How long have you been with Max Performance Fitness?:

6 months

First memorable experience?:

Successfully running 1km non stop!! So many hills….

Why do you do Group Fitness / Personal Training?:

The small groups are more engaging and I am so much more motivated to try and achieve more with some healthy competition (I’m looking at you Donata!)

What keeps you coming back for more?:

I have tried other bootcamps and gyms and they have been so boring! Max Performance Fitness has the best energy and I am genuinely seeing some great results. It also doesn’t hurt that Michael is as sassy as I am so he always keeps it interesting!

Favourite Exercise?:

Deadlifts and Boxing

Least Favourite Exercise?:

Burpees (I hate you!!)

Favourite cheat meal?:

Burger and fries ?