Find yourself at a plateau in your bench? Or ready to take it to the next level? Well here is two exercises you can utilise in your training that will help build technique and strength for you bench!

Remember when we look at out assistance movements, they have to have some carry over into that movement! No point in doing something that isn’t going to help improve the lift or movement you want! 🙂

1. Single Arm DB Bench

This is a fantastic exercise for learning to create tension throughout the body during the bench press. Most people think it is only about the upper body, until I get them to do this exercise!

a) Grab 1 Dumbbell and lie down on the bench. Start by pressing the foot on the side with the DB into the floor.

b) Stack your shoulders tight on the bench. Tighten your torso and glutes. Now you are ready to bench!

You should feel all the loaded side under tension. From here do 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps each arm. Focus on keeping the forearm stacked under the wrist.

2. Floor Press

A great exercise that has fantastic carry over into the bench. It places significant stress on the triceps and with it’s partial range of motion will help improve the lock out portion of your bench press.

In addition you are unable to use your legs at all during the movement, creating a purely upper body push!

a) Rack the bar lower on rack and lie underneath it.

b) Stack your shoulders back and down. If you need a hand getting the bar off the rack, get your spotter to help so you keep everything tight!

c) Once the bar is up, pull it towards your chest. Control the tempo down, as crashing your elbows into the floor sucks! 🙂 Once you it the bottom a nice aggressive lock out and push!

Do 4-5 sets of 3-5 reps @ 60-90% of what you can lift.